Raising Free Range Chickens Considerations

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Raising Free Range Chickens Considerations


With no visible relief from the current economic downturn, people are searching for ways to save money and live cheaper.

One of the popular methods people are starting to use to accomplish this is by raising free range chickens. There are several reasons why people are raising free range chickens. The first reason is that chickens, especially free range chickens, give you an endless supply of high quality food. Chickens are easy to raise and they do not require much room. A person that lives in an apartment can purchase a portable chicken coop and raise several chickens. All that is needed is for the chickens to be taken out several times a day for sunlight, exercise, and food.


What is meant by free range? That simply means that the chickens are allowed to roam freely and consume food that is natural to their diet.

Chickens will eat many different things other than just feed, they will eat insects, worms, and various greens. What is meant by high quality food? The eggs laid by free range chickens have a much higher nutritional value than store bought eggs. Free range eggs contain twice the amount of vitamin E, six times the amount of vitamin A; they contain less saturated fat, and have four times the omega-3 fatty acids. They also have half as much cholesterol as eggs that are produced by factory raised hens. If you eat the meat of your chickens, it is considered much healthier than the meat of factory chickens.

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The first step in raising free range chickens is to set your home up for the arrival of the chickens.

You will need coops to protect the chickens while they roost at night. Ensure that they coop is large enough to comfortably house the number of chickens you intend to raise. You need some feed in case they run low on natural foods in your area. Depending on your property situation, you may or may not need to fence in an area where the chickens can roam. Once you have things ready at your home buy some chicks from a dealer. You will want to purchase the proper type of chicken; some varieties have been bred to produce more breast meat while others have been bred for superior laying ability. The chickens you raise will depend on whether you want more meat or more eggs. Once you have the chicks they need to be kept in the brooder until they are large enough to go outside.


Raising chickens especially free range chickens could bring is a little extra money if you were to sell the excess eggs.

When choosing laying hens one hen will lay enough eggs daily to feed one person. If you were to raise four or five hens, you will probably have excess eggs that could be sold or given to family and friends. There are many benefits to raising free range chickens. If you become interested in raising free range chickens, there are many different places to find all of the information you will need on the subject. They are an easy animal to raise and need very little in the way of medical attention. Your only true concern is to purchase the right type of healthy chicks.


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